Ticketmaster or TicketStub.com? Choose which is best for you.

Whether you are looking for tickets to a favorite sporting, theater or concert event Ticketmaster and TicketStub.com are your best sources for tickets to these events.

Ticketmaster is able to offer the various event tickets at face value (the price deterimined by promotor, league + fees etc. ), as they have contracts with most major venues, sports leagues, Promotors across North America. The availability of Ticketmaster's tickets depends upon the popularity of the event. Their tickets may either be sold out in minutes, or available until the day of the event. Some of the premium tickets they will remove from general access inventory and place them in their own premium priced ticket sections or into the secondary market on sites like StubHub and secondary market ticketsellers like Ticketstub.com.

Tickets can be purchased through at Ticketmaster.com. Ticketmaster also provide valuable information such as, venue seating charts, links to the most popular events, as well as opportunities for special offers. Again, Ticketmaster is the right choice for you if you are looking for tickets at face value (the price deterimined by promotor, league + fees etc.). 

We at Ticketstub.com actually recommend that customers check Ticketmaster or LiveNation first before buying from us. We have no problem with that at all ... if tickets are available still at face value we would rather see you get those. THEN ... when that special event comes around that is sold out they come back and use Ticketstub.com for those tickets. We believe our customers would ... like us ... like to save money where possible. We want happy return customers for those hard to get seats.

However, What if Ticketmaster is all sold out or I want tickets in a specific section?


TicketStub.com is your best choice for buying premium event tickets when they are in high demand or when the event sells out the venue/box office. Or if you’re looking for tickets in a specific section of the venue even if the event isn’t sold out but that area is. Our company offers a unique service, which provides preferred seating and tickets to just about any large and in cases not so large, events throughout the USA as well as Canada and Europe! 

TicketStub.com has been in business over 12 years because we care about our customers and aren’t looking to make just one sale. We want you to be a happy customer and continue to use us for all your ticketing needs. 

So, if you are frustrated with busy signals when trying to get through on the phone, or waiting in long lines to purchase tickets, then view our vast inventory of tickets. TicketStub.com makes it easy to purchase tickets for the great seats you had hoped for but where already sold out at competitive secondary market prices. 

We have strict guidelines in place for any broker listing with us to ensure they provide the tickets as listed and the high quality service.  We expect the same high quality service and experience for our customers as we do for ourselves.  Our goal is to offer as “perfect” experience as we can … on rare occasions something doesn't go as expected and our customer service is there to make sure it's resolved. 

For any questions, you can contact us during business hours at1-844-827-0526 via email at [email protected] or just click the contact button on Ticketstub.com. From there you can send us a note letting us know we can help with and get a reply shortly. 

Orders can be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we offer FedEx shipping,  where E-Tix are available can email them directly to you and special delivery arrangements can be made as well. All of our sales are 100% guaranteed and you can feel confident & safe with your purchase through our secure servers.

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