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From the time of their time as first daughters to the present, Michelle and Hillary have been visible public speakers. Each has presented important speeches, both for themselves and as a means to inspire. Their first big public speaking event was when they gave speeches at the Democratic National Convention. As each gained power and prominence, they began to speak more frequently in the public arena, perhaps due to having been invited to speak at prestigious events like the United Nations General Assembly. Since the publication of her book "It Takes a Village" in 2020, Hillary Clinton has spoken on numerous occasions.

Harry Reed's book "Power and Privilege: My Life and Times" is perhaps the most famous to discuss the impact of public speaking. It discusses many of the problems that women face in society. The book focuses on Hillary Clinton's years as First Lady. It is also a statement of her own personal views of the role of a first lady. In her book, she reflects on the struggles she had as a First Lady, and how she adapted to her roles, as a mother, a First Lady, and a friend. Bill Clinton, who has been an icon in the media for years, did not have a public speaking tour, until he came out of the White House. Let's not forget the excellent TED X speaking events.

No matter what the subject, public speaking can be difficult. When it is, it is often a product of personal growth. While these women may no longer be in public office, they are still inspiring with their current roles in the media and in public life. But I would say, that whether or not you like their acting, their political careers, or their writings, you must read this book!

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