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Most families don't have the funds for a full-fledged family theater. That is unfortunate, because families with young children do love to watch movies together and usually have much less money than the average family does. Many theaters today offer family-friendly films as a way to attract younger crowds and help offset some of the larger ticket prices that families pay. Here are some helpful tips on how to find the best deals and kid-friendly movies in your area.

Theatre and Comedy: There are many kid-friendly choices when it comes to movie theaters. However, not all theatres have a lot of them and some have very few. Finding a theatre that has a great selection of children's and teen-friendly movies can be a challenge, but can be worth it. Look for theatres that offer programs that are child-friendly and programs that show new or classic films in a younger-skewing way. If you know your local theater has a monthly movie night, make sure to ask if they're family-friendly and if they offer kid-friendly screenings. For example, if you go to your local movie theatre and then return for a showing of Jurassic Park the following week, then the next time you'll know whether or not it's a family-friendly movie or not. If you like movies with adult themes but want to avoid ones with explicit content, ask the theatre if they offer a movie-of-the-week offering.

Childrens Theater and Comedy: Another great place to find great deals on family-friendly movies is at children's theatres. Many of these offer little to no adult films, but still include a good number of kid-friendly movies. It's important to remember that kids (and adults) often don't know any better. Many families with young children will choose a cinema theatre based on its atmosphere and how many kid-friendly shows they'll see. A great option for children's cinema theatres is one that's family-friendly, offers programs that are kid-friendly, and has a regular movie night that includes some movies they haven't seen before.

A family ticket allows admission for up to two adults and up to four children, or just one adult and two children. These tickets, which cost less than a single adult ticket, are ideal for family fun places, including amusement parks, zoos, aquariums, and parks that offer multiple attractions for kids. A family ticket allows unlimited access for the whole family. Children under three years old should be supervised when buying a family ticket. Older children can still have a blast with a family ticket, as long as their parents don't buy them more than one.

Many of the best train and air travel companies will sell single tickets for single travelers in just enough quantity to fill their seats. Train stations and air terminals often offer special child-only shows during festive seasons, so parents don't have to worry about tickets being purchased in great numbers. The availability of seat reservations is also an added advantage for travelers; if everyone wants to travel together, they can all get on the train or plane at the same time and go to their destination simultaneously.

Most of the best train and plane tickets and cheap family tickets can be found online. Some websites allow customers to pre-book seats, while others guarantee a minimum number of seats and availability. Buy family tickets online, pay through credit cards, and print out confirmation slips right away. The process is very hassle-free and ensures that no one will miss out on a good seat. Train and plane tickets can be booked online immediately after booking a seat, but if you are travelling during weekdays, it is easier to book your cheap tickets online than it would be if you were to go to a travel agent.

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