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Circuses are large scale outdoor events, often held annually or semi-annually. They are a great way to spend a day in the great outdoors with family and friends. Some people like to go to circuses simply because they are able to catch up on some good old fashioned fun in the sun; others go because they have come to appreciate some of the more well known circus acts. Many of the circus acts are very famous to most people, although there are a few that don't receive the credit they deserve. In this article we'll take a look at some of the famous circus acts that you may have not heard of.

The first act is The Big Apple Circus. It's still going strong, still entertaining crowds to this day. You might remember them from the classic Superstar, which starred Johnny Carson. They were one of the first large scale, technologically advanced shows to hit the field of entertainment. These large studios were constructed in New York City and Hollywood, to house their circus acts. The displays were very detailed and allowed for some very impressive moves and acrobatics. The show was so popular that it lasted a very long time, and the series has run ever since, with some slight variations.

The next act is Ringling Brothers Circus. Known for some amazing acts such as the Barnum and Bailey Circus, the Ringling Brothers Circus is now seen on television and DVD. There are several famous circus acts like Uncle Remus and Mabel Payne. Both of these really earned the fame that they had. It's really amazing to see how far these circus acts have come in such a short period of time. Other very famous circus acts include the Flying Wallendas, Barnum and Bailey Circus, the Mink Circus, and the Detroit Topaz Carnival. There are several more famous circus acts, but all are worth checking out.

The circus form that came to be recognized as modern, with a ringmaster that introduces a rotating cast of different dance and gymnastic acts, came about during the late 1800s. As an early form of entertainment, it was mostly meant to amuse children and crowds. It was first done in London, England. In these early shows, children would choose a partner and follow him through the act, which included partnering in acrobatic displays and magic shows. They also took part in many other activities such as juggling, trapeze acts, and the trapeze walk.

The next big break for this entertainment came with the birth of the first major professional circus, The Great Chicago Fire of 1889. It was here that the "circus" was born. Shows from this time period have been known to feature animal acts such as a lionskin cat, a leopard that jumps through the rings, and even dogs. Today there are numerous different circus shows that can be found all over the world. A wide variety of tickets are available and include both major and popular shows, along with some of the more unique ones like the water circus that makes its debut in Venice, Italy.

Water circuses make use of the naturally occurring water currents of lakes, rivers, and oceans in order to entertain their audiences. Shows at the Lake Michigan Center in Michigan are the most popular in the area, and tickets to these shows are also sold via the Internet. If you live in another area and are interested in attending a water circus, you can find a number of websites that offer affordable prices. However, before purchasing your tickets, you should make sure that they are valid in your area. Some of the most popular water circus tickets come with discount codes that allow you to enjoy great prices on admission tickets.

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