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Wrestling is a popular combat sport between two people using the ring, often made up of a sturdy cage or some other structure. Wrestling involves wrestling moves such as holds, submissions and punches. It's also known as wrestling for fun. Wrestling is not the only sport in the UFC; kickboxing and boxing have taken wrestling to new levels. In addition to being one of the most popular mixed martial arts sports in the world, wrestling has also become popular among sports fans who enjoy seeing their favorite fighters compete. The fights are exciting, the matches exciting to see and watch and the stakes high for the wrestlers involved.

When a wrestler gets tagged during a match, they must either quit the match or try to get out from underneath the opponent and then wrestle him to the ground or to another location where the referee will call the match. The first point is when a wrestler has been tagged. When a wrestler manages to escape from under his opponent and continues to fight, he becomes the victor and the match is declared a win for that wrestler. A draw is called when there is no winner and the bout is considered to be a no contest.

The main reason that a wrestler is considered to be "taken" is when he is penalized for a technical foul. The most common technical fouls in MMA are a knee bar or arm bar that place excessive pressure on the neck and shoulders, a kick or stomp that damages the knee, a push kick that sends the fighter into a helpless position or any kick that put excessive force on the legs. These technical fouls usually result from a wrestler attempting a move that is outside of his or her skill set and technique. However, even if it is outside of their skill set and technique, a wrestler can be placed into a submission hold if he or she is not able to escape during the seconds that it takes for the referee to call the match. The most common reasons that wrestlers are penalized are: boxing out, taking too much time to recover, being penalized for too many technical violations, being penalized for holding a flag in the face, ignoring the ref's warnings, ignoring a warning from the umpire and showing disrespect to the opponent.

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