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Below are some of the questions we get all the time.

I'll do my best to address each of them and if there is anything that I might miss please let us know. We want all of our customers to know exactly how the process works, that they have been able to buy their tickets and easily as possible. We want you all to come back again for your tickets!

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  • Why are there sections with no available tickets when tickets haven't when on sale yet?

    Because prior to general release out brokers may not have any commitments of tickets for those sections yet. Our inventory is real time so the tickets available will change as they become available or are sold.

  • What row?

    The row number is always shown in the listing of the tickets. In the cases it shows something to the effect of "A-G" or similar it means the broker knows they will have tickets  available in that section but haven't gotten confirmation of exact seat or row yet. But they are guaranteed to be within that group shown.

  • How many seats in a row in floor 2?

    There are a couple of options available to find this out. You can call our customer service line at 866-843-5042 and our reps will be happy to assist you. Or you can contact the venue directly and they will be able to tell you. The venue information is included at the top of that event listing.

  • How do I order them?

    The process has been make very simple and quick so you can get through your order and back to the other important things going on in your life.

    1. You simply find the tickets that work best for you ...
    2. Click the drop down selector to choose how many tickets you want ...
    3. When done click the buy tickets ...
    4. Fill out the order form with your information and selection continue.
    5. You will be taken to the confirmation page which will have all your order information at the the top. You can check the ticket information, the pricing and if everything is correct just click the confirmation button on the bottom.
    6. You will see your receipt that will have you order number as well as event information. At the bottom will be our customer service information as well as the selling broker information if the tickets were fulfilled by one of our broker partners. You will get a confirmation call in 30-60 minutes during normal office hours and you will have a reciept in your email within a minute or so of  completing your order. If you don't see it please check your junk folder as sometime they will get filtered.
  • Are the tickets still available?

    If the tickets are still showing in the inventory list for that event then the tickets are still available. Once a ticket is sold it is immediately removed from the system. On VERY rare occasions on really hot events you may go to a listing and hesitate for a moment and during that time if someone were to select the same set of tickets and start the order process they would no longer be available.

    We also remove any tickets that cannot be delivered or emailed in ample time for the event.  For instance, if the show or game is the next day and the broker can't get you tickets in hand before the event or at the event those tickets are removed from the system and are no longer available.

  • How are the ticket prices determined?

    The listing brokers price the tickets according to their own costs and there is a standard site markup that is competitive or lower than many of the other secondary market ticket sellers. We would rather make less per sale and have happy customers who keep coming back for us to help.

  • How do you get the tickets the tickets that are listed on TicketStub.com?

    We have a very large group of partner brokers who get their tickets from a variety of places such as them being season ticket holders or buying tickets from season ticket holders for resale, via fan clubs, from the teams or the artists themselves, from Ticketmaster or Live Nation or from other fans or businesses that for whatever reason can no longer attend the event and want to recoup their costs by reselling the tickets.

  • What does the note does not include admission to event mean?

    The note that says "doesn't include admission to main event" in the description area. That would apply to tickets that are only good for various pre or post show parties/events. Some games/concerts have parties the offer food, drinks and mingling with other fans or sometimes celebrities and these tickets would gain you admission to those events. But not to the main events such as concerts or games. Those tickets would need to be purchased separately ... tho if you just wanted to go to the parties you can do that.

  • Do you offer military discount?

    If you give us a call and let us know we'd be happy to help out. We appreciate everything our service men and women do for our country.

  • How do we get the tickets?

    There are number of methods that we get you tickets. Most common is FedEx 2 day shipping which is guaranteed to be there by 4pm on the second day. If ordered on a Friday after last shipment or over the weekend it would move the date forward as FedEx doesn't deliver on Saturday unless additional option is chosen. Then there is the option of next day FedEx delivery. In many cases an e-ticket is an available option and it will be emailed to you as soon as your order is confirmed.

    If you're going on a trip and are leaving your home before the tickets can get to you. If you select the special delivery option and enter the information of the hotel you'll be staying at or other address where someone can sign for the package we can arrange for the tickets to be shipped there. If you choose to do this please check with the hotel or other place to make sure this is something they will do for you. We need a signature to be able to leave the tickets for you.

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You will receive a 100% refund for your tickets if:

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  • Your order was accepted but not delivered in time for the event.
  • Your tickets were not valid for entry.
  • Your event is cancelled and is not rescheduled.
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