Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football Tickets

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Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football Tickets

The story of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football Club starts way back in 1910. There was a soccer team at South Bend, the baseball team at Munster, and there was the wrestling team at Trimble University. Notre Dame football was the last team to be formed. It was started by two students named Jim Druley and Jack Hyman. One day they decided to form a football team so they set up a tent behind their house and began to practice. After three years, the team was making quite a name for itself in their hometown and no one could blame them for wanting to travel the country and win games.

From there the team was able to visit several colleges and decided that Notre Dame University in South Bend would be their home. They were recruited to play football and made their debut in the 1954 season. While they did not have much success during their first few years as a football team, they gradually picked up a reputation as being hard-nosed players that had the heart of a lion. They still practiced the same techniques that are taught in the books and they still tried to keep a consistent game plan that could fit any situation.

In the mid-60's, the team was included in a tour of duty to the United States. They traveled all over the country and won the championship on one occasion. Not long after this, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football Club became a part of the NCAA and gained a reputation for being one of the best teams in the nation. Nowadays they play an annual homecoming game against the host school from South Bend. For many years they have been able to stay consistent and they have built a reputation that makes them one of the premier college teams.

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