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Baltimore Orioles Tickets

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Baltimore Orioles Tickets

Many people in the Baltimore area of Maryland, and all around the United States, are aware of the excitement and overall excellence of the Baltimore Orioles baseball team. However, there is another facet of the team's success that is often forgotten. A team is only as good as its best players. The team's starting pitchers, along with their secondary pitchers, are often left out of the spotlight. This makes it easy for fans to forget about what can make a team successful.

When looking at the Baltimore Orioles baseball team, I believe it is important to look at each position individually. As the former pitcher for the team, and long-time baseball fan, I feel it is important to look at the other positions in the team. For me, the most important position on the team is shortstop. With the Orioles winning record, you can see why the position is so crucial. The one thing that is good about playing shortstop for the Orioles is the fact that the team's starting pitchers are a great second option.

Every year the Baltimore Orioles pitching staff has had its share of success. Starting with the wonderful Greg Maddux, who led the team to three division titles, the team has had a solid group of pitchers to rely on. However, one thing that is different from previous years is the defense of the position. Last year, the starting shortstop position allowed the opposing pitchers to get behind the defense, which allowed them to get to the plate more times and put more balls in play. The defense in Baltimore has improved and hopefully this will be something that remains with the team into the future.

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