Auburn Tigers Football Tickets

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Auburn Tigers Football Tickets

What is it about the Auburn Tigers Football team that makes them the most popular college football team in the United States? As a football fan, you know it better than most. When the Auburn Tigers football team is doing well, they are truly one of the most popular teams in college football. They have some great players and some great coaches as well. The play of their running backs really sets them apart. You know who has the best team name of all time: the Iron Bowl!

If you were to go to a football game in the Atlanta Hawks Country, it would not be a fair fight. Fans of the Alabama Crimson Tide have a lot of the same fanatics in the stands. Most people do not care too much about the football game, because the Bama's are winning. It may be fun to watch the Auburn Tigers players playing, but it is still a game to be played. The Georgia Bulldogs just seems to lose their cool when the play is not going their way. We can understand that the Peach State fans may not agree with the way things are handled at Georgia. However, there seems to be some real animosity towards the Georgia program from their home crowd.

You can say that the only rivalry in college football between the Auburn Tigers and the Atlanta Hawks Country is the one that exists in Auburn, Alabama. No other real rivalry exists in the country, although there may be some in the SEC. So, if you happen to see the Auburn Tigers play against the Georgia Bulldogs, it will be hard to tell who is better. However, we are sure that it is going to be a close game, no matter what is played.

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