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The immense popularity of rap and hip hop is due to the fact that these music tracks have an infectious quality that captures the hearts of listeners. They can easily become familiar with the lyrics as the tempo, beat and dance moves are such that can easily grab the attention of listeners. In order to catch up with the latest trends in rap and hip-hop music, one needs to have an exhaustive knowledge of all the greats. Though it is possible to get this information on the internet, it is important to visit the live performances and events to get firsthand details about a particular performer. Live performances also help to build connections with people who are interested in music. Because of this, live rap and hip-hop music concerts are becoming more popular in recent times.

Rap and hip hop music are of different types. Since the audience is young, the popular music styles in the present day include rap, rap-rock, hip-hop, hip-hop-trap, and mainstream rap. At present, hip-hop is the fastest growing genre of music while rap-rock and rap-punk are the most prevalent ones. The latest hip-hop songs are being created by artists like Nas, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, and a host of others. In addition to that, rap-rock and mainstream rap music have become popular with audiences in both sexes. Even in the US, the influence of rap and hip hop has increased immensely.

Rap and hip hop music has a unique feel and style that make them stand out from the crowd. It is one of the most common genres that have achieved popularity all around the world. An individual's choices in this case largely depend on the tastes and preferences of their listeners. It is due to the same reason that those who love rap and hip hop music tend to be early risers and thrifty shoppers. Those who prefer a peaceful environment would normally prefer hip hop music. A person can listen to rap and hip hop in stereo or the monomode to achieve maximum effect. People can choose their favorite music tracks from websites that provide downloads of rap and hip hop music.


Hip hop music, sometimes called urban music or simply hip hop music, is an ever-changing genre of popular music created in the U.S. by inner-city African Americans, especially in the Bronx in the early 1970s. It was created by young people who found expression in hip-hop records that they listened to at home, at school or while riding around in their cars. It evolved over the years into a unique style of urban music that combines rap with jazz, pop and danceable beats. Artists like Kanye West, Rakim and Wu-Tang Clan all popularized the style in their early days. Today it continues to be a cultural icon and is enjoying a resurgence in popularity.

Hip hop music was made even more popular when rap artists took it upon themselves to form crews and get together for jams and festivities. The first recording of this music was on what is known as the Chronic EP, which was a joint effort between Rakim and Sean Price. The song "Confront" was an immediate hit, featuring Kimono'd producer Akon. Other notable rappers to feature on Chronic's tracks include Juicemaster immortalizing his beloved weed, "Yaketyopa", on one of the earliest records. The beat is slowed and funky, and the lyrics mention marijuana, pimps and hoes. Two other tracks on Chronic are also produced by Akon, and both are chart topping hits.

Hip hop music continues to change with the times and evolve. Artists like Rakim and Kanye West have completely changed the way that music is made today. With the popularity of such legends as Wu-Tang Clan and Rakim, it seems as if there will never be a slower moment. With new artists like Kanye West and Tyga joining forces with established rappers, we can only expect greatness in music.

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