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When you’re looking for music festival tickets we at have an excellent selection to choose from. Many of the biggest live music festivals take place during the spring and summer months so as to enjoy some of the most exciting live performances going on all year. The bigger the number of attendees the higher the energy atmosphere, excitement and more interesting crowd interactions are to experience.

There are music festivals to fit every musical interest and social group that take place in the major cities proper as well as out in more remote areas where people and bands can really let loose to have a great time. Some of the music concerts and festivals held outside the cities offer the opportunity to book camping sites by purchasing camping passes with your festival tickets. Others require you to leave the grounds every evening but the promoters usually select areas where there are ample hotels/motels or camp grounds for attendees to utilize.

Here’s a shortlist of some of the items you should bring with you to music festivals and extended concerts … in some cases are a must if camping out there or in the open air where weather could be an issue:

1) Ok … here’s the basics … you definitely need things like water, some type of raincoat or in cases where not available the large garbage bags will work. Just cut some holes in them for you head and arms then your set … mostly but it’s better than nothing. Of course make sure you have your music festival tickets … I know that one is obvious but if you happen to forget that you’re going to be pretty miserable especially if the event is sold out or tickets are expensive to replace.

2) If you’re going to camp out and you want to be sheltered from the weather, bugs or just want some privacy if you get lucky. Then you’ll need to make sure to bring along a tent of some kind … there are lots of types available based on your needs and price point. Make sure you also bring a sleeping bag or enough blankets and something to rest your heads on. Of course, if you have a big enough vehicle you might choose to do some “car camping” in which case you still want a sleeping bag or blankets. Of course … I almost forgot for those of you that don’t love sleeping on hard ground or uneven car seats you might want to pick up an air mattress to use .. hate to admit it but I always use one when camping out … it makes for a much better nights sleep.

3) There is usually food and drinks available on the concert/festival site but I would recommend doing some shopping before you leave or at a local store before getting to the grounds as it will be far cheaper and you won’t have to deal with the crowds on site. Make sure that you get plenty of things to drink … most important is Water or similar cause if it’s hot and your being active you’re going to get dehydrated and that is a very bad thing if you want to have an enjoyable experience. Of course, there is the soda, beer, Tequila ect you’ll want to make sure you have before you enter the grounds. If nothing else having to leave the grounds once you’re at your site can be a harrowing experience if they allow you to leave and return at all.

If you’re planning on cooking out and you don’t know if there are fire pits or wood to burn pick up a small Weber grill or similar. Charcoal or propane grill … whatever your preference. Personally I prefer and recommend charcoal since I feel it’s safer and without a doubt food tastes better with that.

4) Whatever portable music player you choose to use … like iPhone, iPad, laptops or whatever you have your music stored on as well as what you can access via the internet where possible. When camping out this is a must have for when your hanging with your friends and enjoying the evening out.

Along with that make sure to bring with your ear buds and where you will be with others some type of bluetooth enabled speakers like the Beats ect.. Make sure you bring plenty of batteries with you as well as that car or wall adapter so you can use whatever the best option is at the time.
Of course, if you or your friends are musically inclined then bring your guitars or whatever else it might be that you play. This makes for an excellent experience especially after a few beers or whatever that will loosen up everyone’s inhibitions and get them to jam along with you.

5) If you’re going to a summer festival where you’re going to want to wear minimal clothing you might want to consider picking up one of those travel wallets that you can tuck under whatever clothes you’re wearling. This way you won’t lose your cash, ID or whatever nor will you be an easy target for those a$$holes who love to rip people off.

6) If you’re planning on doing any drugs other than Cannabis at the festival (and we aren’t condoning this ) then you may want to consider picking up some drug testing kits. They aren’t expensive and whatever money spent is well worth it to know you’re going to be safe and not end up in the hospital or worse … dead! We all would like to just trust people but again there are lots of a$$holes out there who just want your money and couldn’t care less about your health.

7) Bring the right clothes for the event. So make sure you check the weather, find out about the location the festival is being held and bring with the appropriate gear. Bring some extra pants or shorts in case it turns into mud fest … or it just gets cold at night. Same with shoes … bring whatever you’re most comfortable in but bring a back up pair. Also, make sure to bring with some kind of hat for use during the concerts under the sun … and it doesn’t hurt to have a hat if you’re camping out in forested areas to potentially keep ticks or other creepy crawlies out of your hair.

8) You might want to consider picking up some ear plugs as well. The speakers get turned up pretty loud at these festivals to compete with the crowd noise or the other stages. It doesn’t hurt to have these either if you’re camping out and you decide to crash earlier than others.

9) Don’t forget to bring at least one flashlight, lots of batteries and if there is one .. a charging cable for the car. Flashlights always come in handy somewhere along the way when camping. Another option to bring would be a lantern … of course with plenty of batteries or cable … they can be a little pricey but if you’re hanging out on your camp site with out a fire or in your tent and wanting to see what you’re doing you won’t regret the investment.

No doubt there are many more things that you’ll want to bring with based on your own personal needs and desires ... but the above should get you through the shows pretty well.

Music festivals are increasing in popularity throughout the world. In North America, Canada, and the United Kingdom there are music festivals that are regularly organized each year. These music festivals are usually held each weekend or month and draw audiences from all walks of life and ages. Some music festivals have evolved into annual cultural events as well.

The music festival emerged out of an ancient music festival, the "jubilee orchestra", which was organized by the then Prince Regent who wanted to document the social condition of his people. This first music festival developed in London in the late eighteen hundreds. It soon became a prominent feature of the annual London carnival, which is the oldest and most popular music and cultural festival in Europe. The music festival quickly grew in popularity and was established as a yearly event, with new musical strains being introduced as well.

Major music festivals can be found in major cities throughout the world. They vary in topic and scale. While some focus on classical music, others still allow a variety of genres and artists to perform. The most important thing to remember about these festivals is that they aim to celebrate and stimulate the music industry in general and help new artists to gain a wider audience and more recognition in the music industry. If you are planning on attending any of these events in the near future, you should know the dates and plan your budget and itinerary accordingly.

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