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Korean popular music, also known as K-culture, is an evolving popular culture of music originated in South Korea. K-Pop music contains many different musical influences, including hip-hop, dance, electronic dance, rock, and jazz, performed by teams containing anywhere from four to twenty members. This music is considered more popular than its country's national music and has grown into a worldwide sensation. K-Pop continues to grow in popularity each year as the Internet becomes more accessible and developed internationally. With the increasing popularity of K-Pop music there are several websites that are dedicated to bringing you articles and background information on the K-Pop music scene, as well as offering a huge archive of music and photos of concerts, movies, and other events.

Although it has only been within the last two decades that K-Pop has reached the level of commercial success that it enjoys today, it has had quite the history throughout the years. Since the first Korean music group was formed in the 1970s, K-Pop has grown into a huge fan base in the United States and Canada. As this fan base continues to grow, so does the influence of K-Pop and its artists abroad. Recently, the success of Korean artist BTS made K-Pop into a lucrative career for those artist with international fame. These artists have reached the height of their popularity when combined with incredible marketing and endorsements opportunities.

To get an in depth history of K-Pop, to learn about all the major artists and their careers, visit our site. You will also find a great gallery of photos of concerts, TV shows, movies, and other cultural activities from around the world that feature K-Pop music. You can also purchase an informative book about the history of K-Pop that covers everything from the earliest times to the present day. All of this is available on our website.

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