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As Mississippi's second most populous city (and second oldest), Gulfport is obviously a big hub of industry, commerce and culture in the state. The city is also known for its annual "Gas Fest", a celebration of traveling and driving across the state. Along with numerous festivals, Gulfport has been host to popular annual events like the Mobile Jazz Festival and the Shrimp Festival, drawing large numbers of visitors from the region and beyond. Gulfport tickets are available for all of these events, as well as many other local attractions, shows and sports events. Many shows are free or have low cost admission prices, making Gulfport a great choice for a weekend getaway.

No list of Gulfport events would be complete without mentioning the celebrated Oktoberfest, the annual celebration of German beer. The Oktoberfest celebration runs the entire month of September in Gulfport, and features over fifty breweries and dozens of live music acts, as well as booths offering diverse arts and crafts items and food and drink. In addition to Oktoberfest, the city is also known for its seafood festivals, German festivals, the Gulfport Film Festival, the Jazz Fest and various other cultural events. Gulfport tickets can be purchased at any of these events, or any other Gulfport-area event.

As with many coastal cities along the Gulf of Mexico, Gulfport's downtown scene offers plenty of shopping opportunities. A popular evening activity is "bird watching" at the Gulfport Audubon Society's Gulfport Research Center. Besides bird watching, the society provides a library featuring over eighty different species of birds and more than forty different tropical fish. Tickets to this popular summer event are highly recommended! For those looking for fine Gulfport souvenirs, there are many outlet malls in Gulfport, MS that host popular arts and crafts shows, including a variety of fine dining restaurants and fine arts retailers, as well as a number of Gulfport hotels that offer a range of local attractions.

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