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Detroit is a port city on the eastern shore of Michigan. It is also known as the "Motor City" due to the large number of automobile companies that have made their homes here. It has a long history of hosting world-class events, including the Detroit Auto Show and Detroit Comedy Festival. The city's name was derived from a German word which meant "ford." The name stuck, even when spelled without the "ford," and the word Detroit still appears on city signs, business names, and even song lyrics.

Detroit has a long history as an important economic and cultural center for the entire western half of the United States, including such cities as Detroit, Oak Park, Bloomfield Hills, Hazel Park, St. Clair, Bloomfield, and Highland. Famous former inhabitants include: Henry Ford, Sam Snead, blues singer Bebel Gilberto, Detroit football champion Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson, actor Mel Gibson, and techno innovator Steve Jobs. In addition, Detroit has been a home to some of the most notable musical artists of all time, which include the Fats Domino, Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, Cream, Queen, and many others.

There is a very large population of African Americans in Detroit, which is much higher than the population of nine million people as a whole in the state of Michigan. The population of African Americans in Detroit includes numerous high school, college, and professional athletes, as well as numerous members of the military who serve in tours of duty in Iraq and other places throughout the world. The main article in this series highlights the current situation on the ground in Detroit, where the "eper wedge" of the black community is taking hold. Please consider all this.

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