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With optimism rates on the rise and coronavirus outbreak numbers far worse than ever, the 2021 summer season in Chicago is now in better condition than last year's. This year has also had a banner year in terms of musical performances as well as theatre putting on special events to coincide with the sultry summer months. Theatre audiences in Chicago have also shown a greater willingness to pay more money for tickets to concerts and theatre events. And now that the theatres have begun their summer season, Chicagoans can look forward to some of the top musical acts in the country taking the stage at the venues across the lake in June. The following are a few popular musical acts who will be making their way to the Windy City this summer.

One of the more experimental musical acts to perform during the summer is the experimental rock band doom and the Rollin Horns. Formed in 1976 by Steve Vai along with his brother Stevie Ray Vaughan, the band went through several lineup changes before finally settling on a lineup consisting of five members. The band has since gone on to release several albums and one live album, as well as numerous singles and albums on their self-titled album. Though they are more popular in Europe than North America, the band's presence in Chicago has made them one of the more notable concerts of the year as they play venues such as the Hollywood Casino and the Metro. Chicago residents will be able to catch the popular doom/reverb band at a number of other venues as well including venues in the suburbs and the downtown area.

Chicago's most popular and influential cultural act, the Chicago Bulls, are also set to embark upon a series of "road games" this summer as part of the NBA's return to the United States. The team has yet to announce any shows outside of the United States, but earlier this month the team was named the "Chi-Nerds," or Chi-Ners, of the NBA. Following a victory against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA playoffs, the Chicago Bulls will take on the defending champions Miami Heat in the first round of the tournament beginning in April. There are also a number of other cultural and sports-related festivals throughout Chicago during the months of June and July.

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